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Our first template for Joomla!. This free template focuses on a simple, yet elegant design which keeps it very lightweight. This template features several module positions:


reallysimple preview thumb

  • Top - For the main navigation menu
  • Right - Modules and menus at the left
  • Footer - Intended for e.g. copyright-information
  • User 1 - A module position using the full width of the content. Ideally for pictures, static or dynamic, rotation modules or similar
  • User 2 and User 3 - Positions for e.g. "Most Read" or "Latest News" modules.
  • User 4 - At the bottom, making it ideal for banners or other modules.

Really Simple also features a drop-down menu (Available with Joomla! 2.5x or higher) using jQuery. We made sure that our scripts don't interfere with other plug-ins or modules that use Joomla's default Mootools library. The Joomla! 3x version uses the built-in core-package implementation of jQuery, so our template is even more lightweight!